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Talking Books

Talking Books is an in-depth interview programme with international bestselling authors from around the globe.

The series is presented by Razia Iqbal and talks to authors about their writing, their ideas and their lives as writers.

Talking Books is the only programme that doesn't just look at an author's latest work but across all their work: looking at themes that connect them, the characters they have invented and the development of their writing style.

All are prize winners, widely read and the foremost talent in 21st Century English language literature.

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Atwood: Dystopian visionary

The award-winning and prolific Canadian author Margaret Atwood discusses her writing and the power of storytelling with Talking Books’ Razia Iqbal.

Elif Shafak is the leading female writer and a vastly popular voice in Turkish literature. She explains the importance of storytelling to Razia Iqbal.

The writer’s novels trace the social history of homosexuality in elegant prose. He tells Razia Iqbal why he wouldn’t write a book without gay characters.

Hanif Kureishi is an acclaimed author – but his work has often drifted too close to home for his family. He discusses his work with Razia Iqbal.