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Talking Movies is BBC World News' flagship cinema review and magazine show.

In a monthly programme, presenter Tom Brook presents all the latest news and reviews from the world of cinema.

From the most recent Hollywood blockbusters to insightful documentaries and ground-breaking world cinema, Talking Movies is a guide to the best in film.

With exclusive reports from Hollywood and New York, on location features with top directors and artists and interviews with the big stars, Tom brings the big screen to the small screen.

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A new Oscar-nominated film tells the life story of Sebastião Salgado. Its co-director Wim Wenders talks to Tom Brook about the economist-turned-photographer.

The SXSW Film Festival kicks off today. Tom Brook talks to film-makers and critics about how the festival is changing – and what to look out for this year.

A new documentary follows a group of young environmentalists as they campaign from a fishing boat. Its director tells Tom Brook about ‘mystics and mechanics’.

The star tells Tom Brook about dealing with bad reviews after a string of drubbings for recent performances. Can he turn it around with his latest film?

The British actor is the front-runner in the best actor category at this year’s Oscars. He talks to Tom Brook about bringing Stephen Hawking to the screen.