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Talking Movies is BBC World News' flagship cinema review and magazine show.

In a monthly programme, presenter Tom Brook presents all the latest news and reviews from the world of cinema.

From the most recent Hollywood blockbusters to insightful documentaries and ground-breaking world cinema, Talking Movies is a guide to the best in film.

With exclusive reports from Hollywood and New York, on location features with top directors and artists and interviews with the big stars, Tom brings the big screen to the small screen.

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A Bengali filmmaker is attracting an audience for low-budget films that are a world away from glossy Bollywood extravaganzas. Tom Brook reports.

Behind the scenes of the Academy to influence the outcome of the awards is furious. Tom Brook asks nominee Leonardo DiCaprio about what goes on.

What is Sundance like?

The star and writer-director of Appropriate Behaviour reveals the highs and lows of her festival experience.

The Oscar-nominated actress talks to Tom Brook about her latest role as a photographer documenting combat, which marks her 15th appearance at Sundance.

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