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The Big Bitesize Bye-Bye Story

Okay folks - one last Group story. My favourites were always where ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Goodbye, Bitesize!

Guys – it’s been a pleasure. I have loved knowing each and ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Bitesize's Last Day

Folks - just so we can make the most of our last hours together, ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Closure of Bitesize Message ...

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at 16:00 BST ...


Bitesize Moderatio... Jul 23, 2013

Ask Me Anything (2) Publishing

Funny - I thought I'd posted this, but I can't find it so here it ...


English Host Jul 19, 2013

Ask Me Anything (1) Grammar

Okay folks - the first of a whole bunch of new threads I'll be ...


English Host Jul 13, 2013

Finishing my stories

For anyone who was reading Alaqua's games or Mortem; the ...


Ani Jul 24, 2013


Inspired by a documentary I saw the other ...


kim Jul 24, 2013

Peridot's Poetry

[Or alternatively, Peridot's Hopefully Non-Disastrous Thread ...


PeridotGlitt eryDaffodil Jul 24, 2013

What next?

Okay, Guys, we are nearing the end of our time together and I'm ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Bethany's Story

This is a story I've been writing for a long loooong time, and now ...


Bexy Jul 24, 2013

Prince of the Parklands [a ...

Blazing noon, and a parasol parade drifted through the streets, ...


Old Bean Jul 24, 2013

Love, Eliza- Draft 2

What am I doing? I hate myself, I really do. I must, there's no ...


wordgal Jul 24, 2013

The Family

As I'm continuing my original short story, I thought I would ...


Lucy Jul 24, 2013


GOODBYEThere's a crack in my smile,It's widening,And through ...


Emma Jul 24, 2013

Story Sometime in the Future

So... I really shouldn't be starting anything new, but I ...


Dani Jul 24, 2013

The Picture In The Attic

A very...weird story, maybe to let my dark side out. Three things ...


white_swan Jul 23, 2013


Chapter 1: On the QuayI stood in the port, waiting for the ship ...


Ani Jul 23, 2013

Behind closed doors

Hello!I'm Lucy and I this will be my first story on GCSE boards. I ...


Lucy Jul 23, 2013

Lifeboat [please read]

The lifeboat is waiting.It’s waiting for the disheartened, ...


Lucy Jul 22, 2013

literary heritage

hi- can anyone find me a piece of literary heritage related to ...


pinky Jul 22, 2013

Animal Farm HELP????????????

How do I get a B in my Animal Farm book- assessment by George ...


sophie Jul 22, 2013

A Poem - the mirror

Why is it that we wish to be,A mirror,A reflectionWhy do we all ...


CyanWinteryP enguin Jul 19, 2013

Writing Groups

I've been asked a lot about writing groups - what to expect, ...


English Host Jul 16, 2013

Welcome to Jahand

Ladies, Gentlemen, Hosts, Moderators, and adventure ...


jetguy2 Jul 15, 2013

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