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Closure of the BBC History ...

To all members of the BBC History message boardsWe're very sorry ...


History Host Dec 22, 2011

New search facility

Hello all,You may be interested to know that the long-awaited ...


Andrew Host Nov 7, 2011

Smiley update!

Hello All,So ....... I've now managed to get all of h2g2's ...


Katy R Oct 3, 2011

The Bloated Fun Palace

Welcome to this latest manifestation of mobile gin ...


an ex-nordma... Dec 22, 2011

Greeting Cards to Fellow Posters

Due to rapidly approaching Holiday Season coincidental to with the ...


suvorovetz Dec 22, 2011

Really Last Orders

I know that Nordick called it earlier.. But just in case ...


CASSEROLEON Dec 22, 2011

Time to reminisce?

Some of us have frequented these boards (on and off in my case) ...


Stoggler Dec 22, 2011

Last and final call for boarding

Just to remind any stragglers that the great majority of posters ...


ferval Dec 22, 2011

Richard III's hump

Was it more to the left, more to the right, or slap, bang in the ...


Catigern Dec 22, 2011

Kirkpatrick MacMillan (200km)

Are there any plans to have a documentary on the life of ...


Geoff Dec 22, 2011

One Last discussion topic: ...

I thought I would start one last topic before this board is ...


Tas Dec 22, 2011

Marc Bolan - the last Mod of ...

Was Bolan the last Mod whose life ended abruptly in September 1977 ...


OUNUPA Dec 22, 2011


Anyone taking bets on who gets the last posting on these boards ...


Sambista Dec 22, 2011

Historum Social Group

I joined historum on Friday morning and made my first posts ...


Triceratops Dec 21, 2011

Thank You Aunty Beeb

Before drifting out into ether new, a word of thanks to Aunty ...


Priscilla Dec 21, 2011

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of ...

Hi folks,I found in a book store here in Georgia, a book on ...


Tas Dec 20, 2011

Henry Morgan and the Black Swan

I've just finished watching 'The Black Swan' on Film 4, which is ...


shivfan Dec 20, 2011

How many Ricardians...

...does it take to change a lightbulb?Answer: they wouldn't ...


Catigern Dec 20, 2011

TV Discovery Channels

Is there anybody else out there who is completely miffed at the ...


irene Dec 19, 2011

Englistory: General History ...

As we are now searching for other sites, and the BBC have allowed ...


Herewordless Dec 19, 2011

Anglo-Saxon Sundays

Reading a historical atlas of Oxfordshire, I can see that the ...


hereisabee Dec 19, 2011

To the Hosts, Moderators of ...

Seemingly nobody from the BBC looks anymore to their own ...


PaulRyckier Dec 19, 2011

Did Edward IV's legitimacy ...

It's probably a bit silly to start a new thread at this late stage, ...


Caro Dec 18, 2011

Final Countdown Quiz

Adamant and President are unusual vessels. What is unusual about ...


Sambista Dec 18, 2011

Anti - aircraft artillary; ...

Thursday 15th December, 2011. GMT:1017Re: 'AAA'As far as I am ...


David James Wall Dec 15, 2011

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