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Closure of the BBC History ...

To all members of the BBC History message boardsWe're very sorry ...


History Host Dec 21, 2011

New search facility

Hello all,You may be interested to know that the long-awaited ...


Andrew Host Dec 7, 2011

Smiley update!

Hello All,So ....... I've now managed to get all of h2g2's ...


Katy R Nov 1, 2011

Did Stalin Really Fall From A ...

Just to change gears for Pilot. The other day he mentioned the ...


suvorovetz Dec 22, 2011

On this day, 1947

On this day, December 1947.Despite British Army ...


U3280211 Dec 22, 2011

Guderian - Hitler's Best General?

He defied Hitler on the Eastern Front in making a strategic ...


fascinating Dec 22, 2011

Gun Powder

So much of what we take for granted today, in the way of ...


Pete- Weatherman Dec 21, 2011

Battle of Towton

Why is this battle so little known in this country?


FowPah Dec 21, 2011

Bruce loses at Bannock burn

Bannock burn is generally regarded as the most important battle in ...


Colquhoun Dec 21, 2011

Bosworth and medieval artillery

Knowing how much trouble they can cause, I'm wary about starting a ...


Anglo-Norman Dec 21, 2011

Indian Mutiny

I have come across a record for a Samuel Levis showing that he was ...


Dav192 Dec 21, 2011

Culloden, 1746

During the '45 rebellion, the Scottish Highlanders gained a ...


Herewordless Dec 21, 2011

American Revolution from the ...

I am an avid reader of history and have read many books on the ...


Nick Nicholas Dec 21, 2011

Giving battles their names?

Traditionally, battles were given their name due to being ...


Herewordless Dec 21, 2011

New Forms of Fighting

Actually, it's about the same old, but this is a history MB, so.... ...


suvorovetz Dec 20, 2011

Killing the Bismarck

Has anyone else read this book by Iain Ballantyne? I thoroughly ...


Triceratops Dec 19, 2011

words say it all

I'm sure I read that some helmets had wrting on them. Possibly ...


miss elizabeth Dec 17, 2011

Sticking to your own patch?

Tuesday 13th December, 2011. GMT:1122Re: 'mixing - it'With ...


David James Wall Dec 14, 2011

A new book out

Richard E Tuttle has written a fantastic book about his life, ...


frazzledfont s Dec 11, 2011

The Storm and the Mulberry ...

I have recently read Max Hastings book on Overlord and he claims ...


Tim of Acleah Dec 11, 2011

Kosovo then - Libya now

As the History page points out it was on this day in 1999 that ...


GrandFalconR ailroad Dec 11, 2011

The RAF 1936 not just a ...

This is linked to other threads that i have started relating to ...


Tim of Acleah Dec 11, 2011

'Stirling' (four engined / ...

Wednesday 30th November, 2011. GMT:1027Re: 'Short's Stirling' ...


David James Wall Dec 9, 2011

WW2 British army - as good as ...

I'm not doubting the British serviceman's bravery or fighting ...


Herewordless Dec 8, 2011

Disgusting wartime treatment ...

Whilst the bitter Battle of Britain raged in the skies ...


Herewordless Dec 7, 2011

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