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Last Day of Bitesize

Folks - just so we can make the most of our last hours together, ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Closure of Bitesize Message ...

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at 16:00 BST ...


Bitesize Moderatio... Jul 24, 2013

Goodbye, Bitesize!

Guys – it’s been a pleasure. I have loved knowing each and ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013

Ask Me Anything about the ...

Second in my 'Ask anything...' series.I know for most of you ...


English Host Jul 24, 2013


I've been asked to start one last story for us all to write ...


English Host Jul 17, 2013

Ask Me Anything about Grammar

Okay folks - we don't have too long left together so we need to ...


English Host Jul 15, 2013

Violet-A story by Citrine

Ok so, this is acctually a re-run of 'A field of flowers' but the ...


CitrineRaind ropHoneyBee Jul 24, 2013


I know everyone is doing poems, and I have wanted to post my ...


RedVioletPar tyChipmunk Jul 24, 2013

Treetop Treehouse ~ a poem by ...

Hey Guys! :D An invitation to a Farewell Bitesize eParty at 4pm ...


LavenderWhir lingBear Jul 24, 2013

Dreading ~ Poem by Jude .. :'(

She stares at the clock wishing it to slow,Dreading the minute when ...


CrystalVanil laPrimrose Jul 24, 2013


Stories, stories everywhere,poems, questions, floating in the ...


RedVioletPar tyChipmunk Jul 24, 2013

Goodbye~post your dedications

I don't think I'll ever be able to resign myself to the fact that I ...


PeppermintPi e Jul 24, 2013

this is my first [and ...

this is my first and probably last (because the message boards are ...


ByzantiumFei styChipmunk Jul 24, 2013

Bye for now!

Heya there! Bitesize closes for good in fifteen minutes give or ...


IvoryBrainyD aisy Jul 24, 2013

Are you out there?

The girl sat on her bed. All around her, books lay scattered ...


Minty Jul 24, 2013

I'm New - this is my first.

Hello - I am actually new to this but I thought I would give it a ...


RedBlackGami ngVampire Jul 24, 2013

Change of Place ~ a story by Amie

Critisim and comments are very welcome! Hope you like ...


amie502 Jul 24, 2013

Goodbyes- Last poem/song

I don't usually write poetry and I sort of struggle so I apologise ...


CitrineRaind ropHoneyBee Jul 24, 2013

Harry Potter ~ The Next Chapter

We've all graduated. We got our NEWTs and we've left Hogwarts. ...


Beth Jul 24, 2013

Sleep (a final goodbye)

"And there are these terrors, and it feels like as if somebody is ...


Chirpz At The Disco Jul 24, 2013

My Life - In As Many Words ~ ...

She glances in the mirror, at the fluff that now adorns her head. ...


Zindzi xx Jul 24, 2013

Alive and Kicking

Katy hates history but after she takes a family outing things ...


ScarletCaram elFlamingo Jul 24, 2013

My dedications - RSG

I never thought anyone noticed me,I was the girl no-one seemed ...


RoseSoftGirl Jul 24, 2013

Story: Olive Jones, the first ...

My name is Olive Jones, and I'm going to tell you a story. But ...


IvoryMetalli cEagle Jul 24, 2013

Last Breath - A Last Story by ...

So, we're nearly done. I wrote the first chapter of this a while ...


LemonAthleti cWriter Jul 24, 2013

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