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Messageboard closure

Many of the BBC’s factual and learning websites will be ...


Oonagh Jaquest Oct 17, 2012


I still can't believe today is the last day really sad to think I ...


ketty Oct 31, 2012

No more late night reads!!

Dear all,I joined HAB this time last year when I found out I was ...


Worriedmum79 Oct 30, 2012


Just wanted to say good luck to all and goodbye.I am so sad that ...


1stTimeMummy B Oct 30, 2012

The Final Updated Due Dates & ...

Hi LadiesI'm gutted this board is closing and I'm sad to say this ...


Gina Kelly Oct 30, 2012

BA and BS...... YIPEE!

Hello Ladies,I hope you are all doing well. Firstly, let me ...


Baby_Cakes75 Oct 30, 2012

Scan and goodbye!!

Well folkies and bumps! today is my first scan and I am pinging ...


Loubie33 Oct 30, 2012

Where to go

Thought i'd start a thread for recemendations of other forums ...


Vinandbella Oct 30, 2012

downs test

Hi everyonei got my downs syndrome odds (if thats the right word) ...


Sagittarius8 3 Oct 29, 2012


Today, I am cooking my first every full roast dinner from scratch ...


Em Oct 28, 2012

Cord Donation

www.anthonynolan.org/what-you-can-do /donate-your-umbilical-cord.aspxF...


Cleo-Again Oct 28, 2012


16 days late, but out little man finally made an arrival! Over ...


kateb89 Oct 27, 2012

wishing you all the best of ...

Just wanted to say goodbye and wish all you yummy mummy's the ...


blissfulpand a Oct 26, 2012

Anyone interested.....

Hi LadiesSince this group will be closing down soon enough I have ...


mummytobe83 Oct 25, 2012

Hello all - five weeks ...

Hi all you lovely mums-to-be. Found out last week that I am ...


Rebecca Oct 25, 2012

wheres everyone going...

Its a real shame that this forum is closing 31/10 just has i only ...


mummytobe83 Oct 25, 2012

Stomach period pain anyone ...

Hi everyone.lm only 5 weeks preganant and in the last couple ...


Emily Oct 24, 2012

Scan news

Hi ladies,I'm very happy to announce that I have a very good ...


Waterfirebug Oct 23, 2012


Morning LadiesWell I went & had my private sex scan on saturday and ...


mummytobe83 Oct 22, 2012

tomorrow is d day

Or should that be c day? Hard to get my head round that in 24 ...


emma829 Oct 22, 2012

heart beat

Wow ladies Yesterday I heard my babys heart beat it was the most ...


mummytobe83 Oct 19, 2012

Hospital bag

Hello everyone,I'm 36 weeks pregnant and started to pack my ...


Firsttimemum 88 Oct 18, 2012

high platelet count

Hi All,Im 9 weeks pregnant with my 1st child.I had my 1st midwife ...


MrsB1981 Oct 18, 2012

found a new anonymous ...

Hi all, as the title says I accidently found a fairly active ...


daphski Oct 18, 2012

Not very clear test

Hi I have been trying for my 2nd child since 1st oct, my period ...


Lolly-pop09 Oct 18, 2012

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