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Messageboard closure

Many of the BBC’s factual and learning websites will be ...


Oonagh Jaquest Oct 16, 2012


I cant belive i am wrtiing this but after 1 year and AF being 6 ...


Sar12 Oct 31, 2012

27 months and counting...

I haven't been on here for months but I hope some of you remember ...


touchston3 Oct 30, 2012

1 year anniversary

Hi ladies, Well it has been a year since I took my last pill and ...


Sar12 Oct 30, 2012

recommended site!

Hi ladies,Just to let you know Fertility friends is a really ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Oct 30, 2012

My story

As I occasionally read the boards I would like to add my story ...


Scala95 Oct 21, 2012

oh no it's closing!!- any ...

Hi Ladies,I am gutted this board is closing. All of you have kept ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Oct 17, 2012

There is hope!! =)

Hi Ladies,Just as I was thinking 'it will never happen' My friend ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Oct 16, 2012

Everyone is pregnant

My sister in two friends...all due when I would ...


magicians assistant Oct 16, 2012

Coming off the pill

Hi EveryoneI was just wandering if anyone can remember how long it ...


chihiro16 Oct 16, 2012


I just wanted to sayI am a bit tired of BD ing....I'd rather ...


magicians assistant Oct 15, 2012

Best time to BD?

Hi ladies!I was just wondering what days are best to BD on the ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Oct 15, 2012

How to choose an IVF clinic?

Hi ladies,Was told today when I attended my first appointment ...


hope2bmum Oct 12, 2012


Hope this Helps Xena Flamingo Princess’s Super Duper ...


XFP Oct 8, 2012

Feeling low =(

Hi Ladies,Just needed to vent my frustrations. I am sure many of ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Oct 4, 2012

2nd IUI......BFN

Hi ladies....Well it wasn't meant to be again The cyclogest did ...


hope2bmum Oct 4, 2012

Early inconclusive test :/

Well ladies, I did it, I tested early......not that it helped ...


Waterfirebug Sep 28, 2012

New Girl Tryaing to concieve

Hime and my partner are trying to concieve for baby.2. I came off ...


baby2012 Sep 24, 2012

long term pill use...

Hi,I was wondering if long term use of the pill (13 years) could ...


MrsHodgson19 80 Sep 24, 2012

FAO : touchston3 / Cate

Hello I was just browsing the board today and wondered how you ...


restingsweet ie Sep 24, 2012

Anyone being naughty and ...

Hi ladies, I'm due to test on the 27th, but am gonna test on the ...


Waterfirebug Sep 23, 2012

baby num 2

Hi all i was just wondering if any of you lovly ladies have ever ...


corbs24 Sep 21, 2012

Joining TTC

Hello everybody!Was last here on 2008/2009. Just stopped pill and ...


mrsdormouse Sep 21, 2012

TTC with Endometriosis

Hi all,I was diagnosed in 2008 with stage 4 Endometirosis and ...


Sarah29 Sep 20, 2012


Hi ladies, So I had a drunken moment on Saturday night :D We ...


Waterfirebug Sep 18, 2012

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