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As your kids grow, share the highs, lows - and bits inbetween.

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Messageboard closure

Many of the BBC’s factual and learning websites will be ...


Oonagh Jaquest Oct 31, 2012

Goodbye and Good Luck

Awwww YK / BAP has been such a big part of my parenting journey ...


SpidaMam Oct 31, 2012

Do I still have my Christmas ...



Cestlador With ... Oct 31, 2012

Still here?

So whos still here then?


madhousemum Oct 31, 2012

Really signing off now

So. One to finish on? Cliched farewells?BCJ beat me to "so ...


paddanbess Oct 31, 2012

Bye bye

Bye bye faithful, helpful, friends, it was fun. From the ...


Fablucyluu Oct 31, 2012

Last thread?

Is it?Did I manage it?AJxx


AuntyJo Oct 31, 2012

Last question.......

Anyone know why Shea's post got modded?Wonder what it said. It ...


Su-Ellen Oct 31, 2012

Legacy thread

HelloWell the end is nearly here now...I thought it would be ...


Shoppa cuckoo mum Oct 31, 2012

Goodbye from me

Its been a blast!Lots of support.Friendships made.Giggles ...


Su-Ellen Oct 31, 2012

Good bye to you all and thank ...

I just wanted to add my goodbyes to you all - this board was a ...


Beansmumagai n Oct 31, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

How busy the Board is today....


paddanbess Oct 31, 2012


Party at mine? Bring a bottle for every child who has to tag ...


curlymopp Oct 31, 2012

So long and thanks for all ...

I can't take part in the last few hours of this board as I've ...


bcj Oct 31, 2012

who will post last!!

Just wondering who will be the ever post on this board - like ...


coolhoneycat Oct 31, 2012


Goodbye and farewell everyone.It has been a privilege and ...


Grandadpop Oct 31, 2012


Gone 11am and still here


madhousemum Oct 31, 2012

It's not the end...

It's a new chapter. Thanks to the BBC for getting us all together! ...


curlymopp Oct 31, 2012

Last call for advice!

Hi allDD is 15 months old and I feel a bit under pressure to ...


babybellsmom Oct 31, 2012


Well its time.......thank you to all you lovely ladies and gents ...


madhousemum Oct 31, 2012

In shock!

I cannot believe this is it. For 8 years of my life these boards ...


MummyBom Oct 31, 2012


So sad to be writing my last post Thank you to everyone, both here ...


ketty Oct 31, 2012

Thankyou for the memories....

This board was my saviour for many years!! I'm so sad that it ...


paigemummy Oct 31, 2012

Goodbye and Thanks

Thought I would add my final farewell - trying not to get ...


coolhoneycat Oct 31, 2012

good bye beeb

I know i will still try and big in mind morning at my desk in work ...


xHelsBellsx Oct 31, 2012

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