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closure of Bitesize messageboard

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at the end of ...


Alan Braidwood Jul 24, 2013


If you pass the credit with a 1 but fail the general, does that ...


U15705203 Apr 25, 2013

Data files & application files

I know this is homework not revision but I am really stuck ...


FireOpalRain bowEagle Jan 20, 2013

Computing Standard Garde Prelim

i.m all good with the subject but there is one specific area that ...


Graeme Dec 11, 2012


I'm getting a few funny answers on the quizzes. Am I the only ...


Dougski Dec 11, 2012

prelim tomorrow !

ok well i am not the strongest in this subject but does anyone ...


U15529012 Dec 5, 2012

Bitmapped Images

for bitmapped images, are the 1s white and 0s black or 1s black ...


U15254698 May 23, 2012

Welcome Computing Studies ...

Welcome to BBC Bitesize's new Scottish message boards! Got any ...


AnnieMac - Host May 3, 2012

Exam tomorrow

Well, here they are - the exams kick off tomorrow. You’ll have ...


Moonman Apr 24, 2012


im trying to study for my computing exam which is next ...


U15233249 Apr 23, 2012

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