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Closure of Bitesize messageboard

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at the end of ...


Alan Braidwood Jul 24, 2013

Higher History reasons for ...

I am currently studying for the British topic and I am wondering ...


U15722268 May 13, 2013

One night to go

Dont panic and make sure you get a good nights sleep.For those ...


Bitesize_His tory_Teacher May 13, 2013

higher paper 2 great war

could point such as- post war patriotic support for uk- The ...


revision May 13, 2013


what is the difference between social controls and the ...


revision May 12, 2013

Standard Grade

I'm sitting Standard Grade History next week and just have a couple ...


U15718963 May 12, 2013

Standard Grade History

Hi, just a few questions on India;Is the Raj just British ...


U15710608 May 10, 2013

Higher Nazis in Power

In my essay i argue that fear and intimidation is the most ...


revision May 9, 2013

Higher Paper 1 Topics

I will go through some of the topics here. Anything you want ...


Bitesize_His tory_Teacher May 8, 2013


For the effectiveness if Liberal reforms essay what are the key ...


revision May 5, 2013

higher Britain

for the reasons for liberal reforms essay, besides the ...


revision May 5, 2013

Standard Grade International ...

What would be a good explanation of the causes of the war?


U15558201 Apr 29, 2013

Causes of WW1

I know it is imperialism, militarism, alliance system, ect ...


U15558201 Apr 28, 2013

October Revulution-SG

What are the main events?


U15558201 Apr 28, 2013

higher paper 2 source comparison

how much do you have to say after you've identified a similarity ...


revision Apr 28, 2013

Higher History paper2 World War 1

I'm really struggling with this paper and apart from past papers ...


cameron Apr 25, 2013

Higher Essays

Do you think its ok to learn just 4 essays from one unit?For ...


revision Apr 22, 2013

higher WW1

How far.... the crisis in Scottish identity that developed after ...


revision Apr 14, 2013

Higher Britain

An evaluation of the reasons why the Liberals introduced social ...


revision Apr 13, 2013

Suffragettes and Suffragists

I need help knowing which ones are which? which ones were the ...


U15685675 Apr 10, 2013

Dont know where to begin

My standard grade exams are soon and i dont know where to start ...


U15685675 Apr 9, 2013

Look back at other pages!!!!

There are 3 pages of History discussion here. If you look ...


Bitesize_His tory_Teacher Apr 9, 2013

Standard Grade Unit Revision

These are just SOME of the topics I would reccommend studying for ...


Bitesize_His tory_Teacher Apr 9, 2013

Some tips for Higher Paper 2 ...

The main problem that people encounter when trying to revise ...


Bitesize_His tory_Teacher Apr 9, 2013

Higher WW1

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if there is any real ...


revision Mar 30, 2013

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