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GCSE results and oxbridge entry

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    Posted by Lychovida (U12285522) on ,

    I'm thinking about Oxford as a potential university after I do my A Levels, with perhaps Durham and Bath as my second and third options. I'm am however, a little worried that my GCSE results won't be good enough, so there wont be any point in me applying to Oxford, or Durham.

    The GCSEs I've already done are
    Core Science A*
    OCR History Pilot A* (200/200)
    Food Technology A*

    Predicted results for others
    French A* (for definite)
    German A* (a great possibility)
    English Lit A
    English Lang A
    RE A
    (I think i met get an A* in one of the three above)
    Maths A
    Science A
    Latin B (after school thing, so surely they'd forgive it being a B?)

    The fact that I might only get 5 A*s is making me think I shouldnt bother applying, but if there is a chance of me getting in with these results then I want to start looking at summer schools and sending off for prospectuses.

    For A Level I'm doing French, German, History and Economics. I would obviously be aiming for A's in all of these.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Posted by Sadie-ki-ki (U12222818) on ,

    They don't look so much at GCSEs, but the majority of successful candidates each year have AT LEAST 5 A*s (Your core science gets cancelled out by normal science, because the core is basically an easy version of the proper science exam and they look at the best qualification).
    AS levels are probably the most important-you need to not just get As but you need to get over 90% in the UMS marks to really be considered. I'm in year 12 so I'm doing old Alevels, but with the new ones you can't get A*s til Upper 6th, so you need the As you get to be really really high. I know someone in the year above me who didn't get into Cambridge for Classics because his A in latin wasn't high enough-it was 'only' 246/300.
    I'd suggest that you take a look at the university websites, but not until about January next year because the information that's there at the moment won't be relevant to's all for entry September 2009, as are the prospectuses, and their information relates to the current a levels and not the new ones that will be introduced next school year. Sit tight...see how you do in year 12 and talk to your teachers. I think you need to start thinking about university around february year 12, not before, although if you've got your heart set on a certain subject start doing things that show your passion for it now, try to go to lectures at universities (many do free evening lectures, especially in london) and read lots of books relating to your subject. The interview and predicted A2 grades are important too, and the interview is where you get to show off your knowledge, so make sure you're prepared and start researching now! Maybe you could make a society at your school that relates to your subject? At my school we have lots, like history, politics, literary, sociology, medical, vet, engineering...try and do something like that at your school or join one that is already running.
    Hope this helps!
    Sadie x

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    , in reply to this message.

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    Posted by Lychovida (U12285522) on ,

    Thankyou very much for that! It's really helpful. I'm going to start researching courses and stuff soon, and think about looking at universities like Worcester and Bath.

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    Posted by U12476816 (U12476816) on ,

    Also remember,

    The university will look at your grades, but will also look at anything else you have done... i.e. voluntary work, work experience, current employment etc.

    What course are you going to apply for?

    Example: if you are going to apply for medicine - try getting some MEDICINE based work exp.

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    Posted by Cupid (U11305042) on ,

    I think you should still apply... make sure you work kard all the time and carry on with your dreams !

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    Posted by Gabbi (U12568500) on ,


    with those kind of marks how can they NOT accept u?

    U seem really good at these subjects - u should apply 4 oxford. Whats the worst that can happen? You get rejected. n/m, it's not the end of the world.

    My oppinion of things is insted of saying "Why should I?" Say "Why not?"


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    Posted by BillabongBabe (U12521528) on ,

    Why Oxford?
    I mean,it's the only best and very awesome university in the world.Trying going aboard.
    Why don't you try writing SAT or ACT and you could even apply for scholarship?If you get a top score,u can get and admission to universities like Stanford,MIT etc.
    But if ur still obssesed with Oxfordian dreams,then you should have planned it before doing ur gcses and chosen the subjects usually favoured by Oxford.
    Anyway,get advice from ur parents,teachers and friends.Improve ur latin score.

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    Posted by pipiloo786 (U11816157) on ,

    Just Apply, u never know unless u try!! Good Luck. Mwah!

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    Posted by buttercuplizzy (U12629347) on ,


    Like yourself i know the worries of the prospect of being able to obtain grades to be accepted into a good university. However, although nationaly (and internationaly) oxford and cambridge are classed as two of the best universities are you sure that they are suited to your personal course needs or is it the name of hte univeristy that appeals to you.

    For example if i were looking at applying for Economics oxbridge wouldn't necessarly be the best in wise of course, i would look at imperial college london or LSE as i know that these two uiversites are suited specificaly to the needs of the course i would like to take.

    Yes, Oxbridge would be briliant to be acepted at, BUT sometimes other univerities offer courses that suit your needs better.

    Though, if your heart is set on oxford then htere is no harm in trying as you will only regret it if you don't and you have nothing to loose!

    good luck

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    Posted by miss_anonymous (U8666193) on ,

    Wow you are freaking me out. I want to go to Camberidge(and they both are realted) well atleast apply for it and my grades are not even as good as yours. I know I am predicted all As and am getting them now(im in year 10) but i don't think I should apply now, seeing as you are worried with 5 A*s I bet the inviginators will laugh thier heads off on my application lolz

    PS: i think you should still try

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    Posted by Sadie-ki-ki (U12222818) on ,

    They can quite easily reject someone with 11A*s-I know-it happened to my boyfriend. 11A*s, 4As at AS and predicted 4As at A2. Still rejected. It's not just outstanding grades they look for; the interview, personal statement and school reference are all very important, particularly the last one. When I was at the Cambridge open day on the 4th of July it said that unless your school reference is good, you don't stand a chance. In your school reference they write down things about your homework, attendance and punctuality records, as well as how attentive they think you are, how hard working, how dedicated to your subject etc etc. It's very very important to have that be good.

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    Posted by Jevanina-X (U12692384) on ,

    Oh no, you have me really worried now. I'm only just going into year11 but I've been predicted 12 A*'s at GCSE; however if the school reference in that important I might be in trouble because I've been a little late with some school coursework deadlines and with homework although I can do really well in exams with only last minute revision (obviosly I havn't done this for external exams). Because of above reasons does this mean my school reference will be not be good? *note I have done many out of school activities such as DofE and CCF and extra lessons (classics and music and theatre exams). I hope it won't effect my university prospectus as I hope to apply for oxbridge after 6thform. wb x

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    Posted by The source (U11234543) on ,

    the fuuny thing is that why oxford,
    there r potentially good universities around u know. according to ratings oxford actually comes second to cambridge, considered this?

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    Posted by Sadie-ki-ki (U12222818) on ,

    Please! The source, university IS NOT about where it comes in league tables! In any case what you said is wrong, and the figures differ depending on Which tables you look at, but university is not about going to the best institution you can, it's about finding one that firstly provises the course you want to do, secondly teaches it in a way that you like, and thirdly that you like the content of! Plus all the other things to consider - accomodation, things to do with friends, what there is night-life wise, how goos the library is, how far away from home you want to live. Choosing a university to apply to on the basis simply of it being the best is a very bad idea indeed. I hate all these people who think they'll just apply because of the reputation it has for being prestigious.

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    Posted by the-eliot-one (U4685671) on ,

    "Why Oxford?
    I mean,it's the only best and very awesome university in the world.Trying going aboard."

    4th technically Harvard Cambridge Yale Oxford I believe was last years rankings.

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    Posted by GardenKnomes (U10216066) on ,

    They're good enough.

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    Posted by MwA *LSP* (U7771234) on ,


    Wow, I'm doing EXACTLY the same A-Levels as you! Good choices!

    I can't say for definite, but Oxford's pretty hot on you getting 3As at A-Level (though this may be A*s now). Remember that your A-Levels do count for more than your GCSEs, but are still important. Don't let them think you can't get where you want to go, but be realistic (as you are being).

    I'd love to know how you got on!

    MwA xx

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    Posted by Cloudqueen (U4269022) on ,

    With them results u cud b in the top UK students who go to top universities at college age, bcos if u get about 10 A's and A*s then u get 2 b in this special clever group. <smiley>

    Its ur A-levels count, not ur GCSE's as long as u get english and maths.

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    Posted by Mooishness (U13645514) on ,

    My maths teacher (who went to Cambridge) said that you need:

    - at least 8 A*s
    (they just put all the candidates in a list: top GCSE results->lowest GCSE results and interview downwards)

    - You will need the new A*s at A-level. (Assuming that you are in Year 11 at the moment)

    Good luck mate, revise hard and try to get a few more A*s. Some other posters have already mentioned it but you also need to attend lots of extra-curricular activities, read widely and have intelligent debates with your family and friends. The people at Oxford don't want people who are just clever but want people who could make history, who could win Nobels or Fields. You need to think creatively and be original and it should show in the interview.
    And even if you don't apply- it doesn't matter. Other universities may have better facilities for the degree you want to study. Keep on going mate and aim high- you'll definitly get somewhere :)

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