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I don't know what 2 take 4 my options!

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    Posted by Gabbi (U12568500) on Friday, 4th July 2008

    I'm just leaving year 8 and it just occured 2 me how close choosing my options I am!

    I have a vage idea that I want to be some sort of writer when I leave school or something like that but I don't know what options to take. I want 2 do long course Welsh because i'm Welsh but I;m stumped about languages. I want to do spanish but i'm not sure if my school do it. I really good at science and history 2 so i want 2 take them. I also really enjoy art and I'm fine at that.

    So i have NO idea abou what I want 2 b when i'm older or what options to take. I know it's all down 2 me but does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Posted by Cupid (U11305042) on Monday, 7th July 2008

    Well i took German Geog History and P.E
    i took those subjects becasue i enjoy them but they are also important to subjects to take.

    If you dont no what you want to be yet take a wide range of subjects ! So whatever happens in the future you will be ok

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    Posted by deity_slayer (U10641887) on Tuesday, 8th July 2008

    Don't worry about them just yet. You'll be given more information about them in Y9 so it'll be easier to make a decision then.

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    Posted by U12636346 (U12636346) on Friday, 11th July 2008

    With your gcse's you should just take the subjects that you enjoy most! You shouldn't worry about which subjects you will need for your future career; worry about that when you do your A levels!
    At the end of the day the more practical subjects you study the less exams (good times), however more course work (bad times). Therefore, it's basically a no win situation; just enjoy your gcse's and they will be a doddle!

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    Posted by amarjit (U13379937) on Friday, 19th September 2008

    well, gabby i remember when i was in year 9 and i was just like you. i had input form family and friends, i say input because they kind of choose for me however they did help me make the right descion altough they told what i should take they left it open to me, my family had told me to take, business studies, I.C.T. and... well that was it i did not know what my option would be however i spoke to my cousin and she had taken geography so i was thinking of geography and put it down and never looked back and now because of that i am now doing A level Geogrpahy and i love it. so gabby the one thing that i would say to you would be that talk to family and friends and ask their opinions or if you know anyone who is doing their .G.C.S.E.s ask them or people who have done them and see what they took and why, i know that each person is individual but try talkin 2 them you could be surprised by whatthey say. however it is up to end in the end as you said before i know you would have heard of this by a lot of people before but just go for what your good at, good luck and i wish you well in the future

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    Posted by Frankiiee (U13409594) on Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

    You shouldn't worry too much about GCSEs
    Just choose the subjects you think you'll enjoy. I know it seems the best decision to go for something that may help you in your future career but you may change your mind.

    A wide range of subjects is good but most importantly make sure you enjoy what you choose

    Frankie x

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    Posted by U13270023 (U13270023) on Saturday, 27th September 2008

    Calm down :)x

    Whatever you take- you can take any subjects at A-level, even if you havnt took them for GCSE- and thats what counts. For now, take subjects you enjoy, are idealy good at, and will realte to your writting or interests for careers.

    Good luck

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    Posted by pink_dawn (U8568885) on Saturday, 27th September 2008

    Child Development is REALLY good and REALLY easy to get A*'s in. History, Business studies and French are worthwile subjects as well. The only subject I would advise against taking is PE, almost half of the people in my year dropped out because it was too stressful and hurt too much.

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    Posted by x Sweet heart x (U13640364) on Monday, 20th October 2008

    I wouldn't worry about it if i was you. Im in year nine now and i have to do my options soon and my teachers are already trying to persuade me to do stuff i don't want to do.

    Just sit down one day and write down all the jobs you might want to do and then look them up on the computer. Then you'll have a good idea of what you want to take.

    xxx Hope this helps xxx

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    Posted by xXLochNessMonsterXx (U13654889) on Monday, 27th October 2008

    Don't let anyone pressure you into taking or not taking a subject. You know you best and don't be made to take a subject you know you will hate.

    Don't worry about it! =D


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    Posted by U13691132 (U13691132) on Friday, 14th November 2008

    I was in the same place as you last year. what i did was think what subjects i liked and enjoyed doing and think of a job i think i would enjoy. I then thought what you like doing e.g looking after people. If you defiently want to be a writer thenn take on something to do with writing. But remeber you have one year to try it out and then if you dont like it in year 11 you get to change your choices.

    Bronii x

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    Posted by YourOneAndOnly (U13693769) on Sunday, 16th November 2008

    Hello <laugh>
    Well;; i done French, Sport and Health + Social Care.

    The thing about your optuons is you should make sure you get it right, you don't want to change your course 2 months after its started. The idea is to choose the subjects you most enjoy or that you are good at, then a subject that is different. hence, my health + social care class.
    HOwever - haing an idea of what you want to be is a good idea.

    Although be different and choose something that could be enjoyable for you. <ok>

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    Posted by U13763178 (U13763178) on Tuesday, 30th December 2008

    hi gabbi

    i was in the same position last year and as longs as you take subjects you enjoy it will be fine because you have to do them for two years so you might want some interest in them!. i took two vocational (art and CoPE, i dont know if you know what it is but its like citizenship) and one educational geog and one language this give it a wider range and looks good on your CV or when you go to college. you have to take english, maths and science anyway!

    hope this helps!!:-D

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    Posted by U13775045 (U13775045) on Friday, 9th January 2009


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    Posted by AimForSuccess (U13791168) on Tuesday, 20th January 2009

    Well, i do French, Sport and Health + Social Care.
    Language is a fantastic chose for an option as it opens up many career choices for you. A writer having languages skills seems a good idea to me. ;)
    If i were you...i would choose subjects where its going to help your job.

    I had to drop plenty of other subjects i enjoy, e.g. drama and art. Although i know i'm getting pushed and it was the right chose for me.
    :D Don't forget, English is essential. <cool>
    I would do a language and maybe a subject you enjoy.

    Hope that helps. x

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    Posted by U13791432 (U13791432) on Tuesday, 20th January 2009

    Haha you're clever you've already started thinking about it. I'm in yr 9 and I've got until half term to decide aaargh!!! <yikes> My school does this thing where you can go round with your parents and talk to the teachers and get them to tell you if they think you should do the subject, but if yours doesn't just talk to them anyway.
    And ask your mum and dad what subjects they had to do for their job.
    Well I hope you enjoy whatever you choose! :-)

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    Posted by wales4girls (U13784181) on Monday, 26th January 2009

    i am in yr8 now and i am not panicking and know what i want to be but will keep my options open i would advise you do that too.

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