From the giant rorquals to the tiny vaquita, the Gulf of California is home for one third of the marine mammal species on earth, and it one of the last sanctuaries for the blue whale, the largest animal that has ever existed.

In February of 2014, with support from the National Commission of Protected Areas of Mexico (CONANP), photographers Jaime Rojo and Patricio Robles Gil led a three-week expedition to the Gulf of California.

Using a mixture of stunning time-lapse techniques, stills photography and an expert eye for the magnificent, Jaime and Patricio reveal this beautiful sea as you've never seen it.

Jaime Rojo is a Senior Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) that specialises in the production of multimedia campaigns to engage the public in conservation issues.

Patricio Robles Gil is a conservation artist that uses his passion and skills to communicate the beauty and importance of the last wild places.