Our world is full of big stuff.

We've had giant tortoises, 5m-tall ancient rhinos, huge newly discovered rodents, great white sharks and even long-lost giants from Earth's past.

Here at BBC Earth, we had a lot of fun with all these giant stories. So why don't you join in and send us your pictures and videos of really big things.

We want your shots of big wildlife, big nature, big waterfalls, big skies, big mountains and those big Earth moments that simply took your breath away.

Interpret the challenge however you wish. Show us your skills, experiences, and celebrate life on this planet. It's up to you.

We will share the best contributions on BBC Earth and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, where you can share and comment on each other's work, and use the hashtag #EarthCapture.


You can join by using the entry form above, which will allow you to upload photographs and films taken on any digital camera.

Or you can join by downloading the BBC Earth Capture app for smartphones.

To download the app for Android phones click this link: BBC Earth Capture for Android.

To download the app for Apple phones click this link: BBC Earth Capture for Apple.

IMPORTANT: Please do not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or break any laws when creating content you may share with the BBC.

The entry form above is supported by Internet Explorer 10 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

If you experience any technical difficulties using the Earth Capture smartphone app and web entry form, please email Seenit at help@seenit.io


Featured image by Shreenivasan Manievannan