1440 individual photographs captured over 13 hours cut together into one incredible time-lapse video.

Photographer and videographer Mark Gee shot this breath-taking footage of the southern skies around his hometown of Wellington, New Zealand. The stunning one-minute clip is a collection of Mark’s most memorable night sky moments over the past year.

The majority of the video was shot on Wellington’s South Coast (watch out for air traffic) while the campfire and the camping scenes were filmed in Cape Palliser and the Tararua Ranges.

For the opening and closing scenes, Mark fixed his camera on the stars, tracking the rotation of the Earth from day to night and night to day.

Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, it was the move to New Zealand 13 years ago that sent Mark's camerawork skywards.

“I saw these amazing night skies that I had never seen before,” he says.

Astrophotography has taken Mark all over the world, shooting in Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Norway, Kenya and Tanzania.

Of all the places he’s photographed, his favourite is the light-pollution-free skies of New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin.

“The landscape in the area is spectacular with snow capped mountain peaks all around, and these look great when photographed against a night sky.”

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