What is BBC Earth?

Our mission statement is simple: 

"Think beyond your everyday world, and experience the Universe as it really is."

We want to show you the life beyond your own, and worlds beyond your experience, and our planet.

Our interests are broad: we cover anything from big questions about our Universe to the road to humanity and how we got here; from understanding how life itself evolved to the catastrophes that shaped our planet, and the weird and wonderful behaviours of the species that call Earth home.

Every page you visit should help you see and love the world around you as it really is: in all its amazing, stunning, perception-changing complexity and beauty.

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Who's who at BBC Earth:

Matt Walker – Editor

(Credit: Olivia Howitt)

Michael Marshall – Deputy Editor

(Credit: Olivia Howitt)

Melissa Hogenboom – Feature Writer

(Credit: Olivia Howitt)

Pierangelo Pirak – Multimedia Producer

(Credit: Olivia Howitt)

Kara Segedin – Social Media