There are thousands of highly skilled computer professionals working full time at ILLEGALLY ACCESSING VALUABLE DATA that belongs to others.
It’s no longer a question of whether your organization’s network will be breached, but WHEN.
Once these hackers have found a target, they will ATTACK THEM FROM MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS until they find a way in.
Hackers are targeting him because he has access to a large amount of his company’s sensitive data.
Hackers can clone any website and easily penetrate benign sites like nonprofits that don’t have IT security budgets. Since Tom visits this site frequently, hackers have infiltrated it in an attempt to capture his personal data.
Tom is working from home today and is filling out a form with sensitive company data, including financials and account numbers. The hackers’ attempt “form-grabbing,” a tactic that captures information entered into fields before it can be encrypted. They assume Tom’s company’s firewall won’t adequately protect him at home.
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Tom hops into a local café to connect to the free wifi to check his work email on his mobile phone. He logs in and starts scanning his inbox.
Oh no! A hacker on the same wifi connection was able to track Tom’s keystrokes and now has his login credentials as well as access to his company’s network.