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A global thinker from the world of philosophy, science or the arts is given a minute to put forward a radical, inspiring or controversial idea – no matter how improbable - that they believe will change the world.

College writers on the stories that matter to their generation — and yours.

The week’s must-reads from around the web. Feed your mind with the pick of the most recent science and technology stories, selected by The Browser.

Ideas that can change lives. Renowned inventors, scientists and futurologists describe the big idea that they want to solve and how it can transform the world.

The future of transport. BBC presenter and trained engineer Jack Stewart sorts solar planes from magnetic trains, offering you a guide to the vehicles and transport technologies of tomorrow.

Take a deep dive into the big stories in science, technology and health written by some of the best writers around.

How the wired world is shaping our lives. BBC Future unpicks how digital culture and technologies pervade everything we do.

Ideas and technology that could change the world. Hi-tech or low tech, developing or developed world, we profile the innovators and inventors who are finding solutions to the world’s problems.

Urban myths and old wives tales under the microscope. Medical broadcaster Claudia Hammond busts misconceptions and untruths in the world of health.

Exploring the science of life. A new publication from the Wellcome Trust, Mosaic’s in-depth articles and films tell the stories behind biomedical research and its impact on society. Republished here under a Creative Commons licence.

Neuroscience and the psychology of the everyday. Psychologist Tom Stafford explores the surprisingly complex theories behind experiences we all take for granted.

Uncovering the value of the planet’s hidden treasures. Why there is more to the Earth’s great wild places than just their natural beauty.

Where science meets pop culture. Science broadcaster and film critic Quentin Cooper takes a sideways look at trends and debates in science and how they are often foreshadowed in films, TV and books.

Choices for the future of the human planet. Science and environment writer Gaia Vince takes you on a journey through the Anthropocene – the age of man – identifying the planets limits and what we can do about them.

Tales from the new space race. Broadcaster and self-confessed space nerd Richard Hollingham gives a personal view from mission control, exploring man’s continued obsession with the final frontier.

Uncovering today’s unsung scientific discoveries. Science writer Phil Ball trawls through the mass of scientific literature, uncovering developments and breakthroughs that could impact all our futures.

Our animal behaviour uncovered. Jason G. Goldman explores how the quirks, traits and characteristics we think set us apart from other species may not be so special after all.

Burning questions in science and beyond. Leading writers and bloggers look beyond the hype to find out if there is any truth behind some of today’s most intriguing questions.

Radical views for transforming our future. The world’s greatest minds push the limits of their imagination by tackling the biggest challenge or opportunity faced in their field.

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