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BBC Future

18 November 2014

The amazing brains of the real-time interpreters

Mosaic@Future / 18 November 2014

The world’s most powerful computers can’t perform accurate real-time interpreting of one language to another. Meet the humans who can.

28 September 2014

How often do you need to see a dentist?

Medical Myths / 28 September 2014

Is going to the dentist every six months really necessary for good oral health? Claudia Hammond investigates.

22 July 2014

How Lego figures and rubber ducks reveal ocean secrets

22 July 2014

Marooned on an island, if you threw a message-in-a-bottle into the ocean, would you be saved? The answer, according to researchers, depends on where you are.

10 April 2014

How human culture influences our genetics

Uniquely Human / 10 April 2014

The way we eat, cook, explore and interact with others can influence our genes, says Jason G Goldman. So how will modern culture shape our children?

25 March 2014

How malaria defeats our drugs

Mosaic@Future / 25 March 2014

Our best drug hope for tackling the global killer is becoming resistant in a tiny region in south-east Asia. What happens next will decide the fate of millions.

11 June 2013

The mind-bending mysteries of multiple universes

Science/Fiction / 11 June 2013

There’s a vast amount of fun to be had with the possibilities that other universes exist, so how should we react to claims that some of these might be real?

21 September 2012

Give peace (and quiet) a chance

In Depth / 21 September 2012

The scientists, companies and "soundscapers" on a quest to make our society quieter and less stressful.

16 August 2012

Yetis in the lab: The search for mythical beasts

In Depth / 16 August 2012

The controversial project that could decide once and for all whether these mythical beasts really do exist.

06 July 2012

Highs and lows of illegal drugs

The Real Risk / 06 July 2012

Our resident statistician David Spiegelhalter sifts through the data to discover how much is being swallowed, smoked, snorted or injected.

28 May 2012

21st Century pinball wizards

In Depth / 28 May 2012

Around the world, a growing band of enthusiasts are hacking machines’ hardware and software to breathe new life into a familiar game.