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Best science and technology pictures of the week

  • New moon view
    The twin probes behind Nasa’s Grail mapped the gravity of Earth’s moon in exquisite detail, revealing the scale of battering it received early in its history.‬ (Copyright: Nasa)
  • Right to vote
    To avoid voting fraud in Kenya's upcoming elections, Maasai people living in remote tribal areas are having their fingerprints electronically recorded. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Photobomb
    A young ray poses for a photograph in an aquarium in Toenning, northern Germany. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Mine’s a mini
    Workmen polish a Shanghai Shenke “Wind Up”, the world's smallest roadworthy car. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Death of an icon
    Oscar Niemeyer, one of world’s greatest architects died this week. His modernist-style buildings transformed his nation’s capital Brasilia. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Life on Mars?
    The first scoops of Mars’ surface by Nasa's rover Curiosity revealed a hint of carbon-based compounds, but are they from the red planet or carried from Earth? (Copyright: Nasa)
  • Life-sized fake
    A “Painted Gallery” wall facade is pulled into position to hide scaffolding for a conservation project at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London. (Copyright: Getty)
  • Dirty catch
    An Indian fishermen pulls in his fishing net as foamy discharge, caused by pollutants from sewage and industrial waste, mix with surf at a Chennai beach. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Butt out
    A giant mock discarded cigarette at the Gare de Lyon railway station, Paris, is part of SNCF’s campaign to highlight commuters' disrespectful behaviour. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Polar quest
    The SA Agulhas, moored next to HMS Belfast on the Thames, before its expedition led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes to be the first to cross Antarctica in winter. (Copyright: Getty Images)
The most amazing pictures from the past seven days – including architectural giants, nature up close and personal, and a new way of seeing the Moon.

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