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2012: Places of the year

  • Whole lotta lava
    Scientist Geoff Mackley investigates the interior of the Marum Volcano in Vanuatu. He stood only 30 metres from the boiling lava for 45 minutes. (Copyright: Bradley Ambrose/Caters)
  • Tilting tides
    Scientists have discovered Scotland’s famous Loch Ness tilts back and forth according to the tides – and have likened it to a giant "spirit level". (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Tunnel of love
    This romantic walkway has become a hit with newlyweds in Ukraine. Every spring, trees grow over the railway line to create a natural archway. (Copyright: Oleg Gordienko/Caters)
  • Burnt landscape
    A house is surrounded by the devastation caused by a wildfire in Alpine, Utah, in July. It was one of many major fires in the US during a searing summer. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Feathery river
    An abstract shot of a river near Kimberley, in Queensland, Australia, shot from a helicopter. (Copyright: Ted Grambeau/Caters)
  • Great Pacific garbage patch
    The vast raft of plastic debris in the North Pacific is growing larger; a research mission this year found it had increased a hundredfold in 40 years. (Copyright: AFP/Getty Images)
  • Attack of the clouds
    This scene from Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park isn’t an alien invasion; in fact these are perfectly natural lenticular clouds. (Copyright: Dmitry Dubikovskiy/Caters)
  • Shark park
    The Cook Islands has joined forces with neighbouring Pacific Island states to ban shark fishing, creating the world’s biggest shark sanctuary. (Copyright: SPL)
  • Tribal wilderness
    Human rights group Survival International released rare photos of the isolated Mashco-Piro tribe living in the southeastern Peruvian jungle. (Copyright: Survival International)
  • Icy dip
    The crew of a US Coast Guard ship retrieve supplies dropped by an aircraft as they carry out a mission in the Arctic Ocean (Copyright: Reuters/Nasa)
Images of some of Earth's most striking places in 2012, from a slumbering volcano to the Arctic wilderness.

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