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Best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Meteor strike
    A meteor crashing in the Urals in Russia has reportedly injured at least 400 people. Several people captured it on dashboard cams. (Credit: Getty Images)
  • High tide
    The Atlantic ocean overflows the sea wall in Winthrop, Massachusetts during a storm that hit the East Coast of the United States. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • In like fin
    Yu, an approximately 25-year-old female loggerhead turtle, received her 27th pair of artificial front legs at the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • In a spin
    The Russian Knights aerobatic demonstration team fly in their Sukhoi SU-27s at Aero India 2013 in Bangalore. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Storm in Rome
    Lightning strikes dome of St Peter’s at the Vatican on the day Pope Benedict XVI announced he would resign from his position. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Gift of love
    A diver feeds red heart-shaped squid meat to a shark during a feeding show ahead of Valentine's Day at the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Planet watch
    Nasa launched Landsat 8, the latest Earth-observing satellite, on board an Atlas V rocket. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Snow patrol
    Meerkats come out of their den at the Mulhouse Zoo in France after heavy snowfall hit the Alsace region. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Portrait of a king
    Three years after of forensic scientists identified the skull of the murdered French King Henri IV, his face has been reconstructed.(Copyright: Getty Images)
  • And finally...
    A cellphone and hands-free kit found in the rectum of a 58-year-old Sri Lankan prisoner. He was caught during a cell search when guards heard ring tones. (Copyright: Getty Images)