Home gadgets becoming quieter by design

Manufacturers are making appliances like kettles and hairdryers quieter, in an effort to create a calmer, less stressful living environment.

Blaring blenders, whirring washing machines and cacophonous kettles: as the number of gadgets and appliances in our homes has increased - so too has the noise level.

BBC Click’s Lara Lewington looks at how some manufacturers are focusing their attention on technology to make their products quieter, and create a calmer living environment. Fan-less computers, better balanced washing machines that minimise vibration, and kettles with a double layer of insulation can reduce noise by 5-25 decibels – around half the noise of their regular counterparts.

Even musical instruments like pianos and drums are incorporating quiet modes so that neighbours will never bang on the walls again.

The big question is why aren’t more manufacturers doing the same.

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