Robot subs beam the oceans to your homes

OpenROV is a simple submarine designed to explore the deep for little cost. In the first in our Future Thinking: Next Generation series, OpenROV founder David Lang explains how his creation may help a new generation get excited about our oceans.

Ocean exploration is no longer the preserve of a few hardy souls prepared to spend months on end on the ocean wave.

In the internet age, armchair ichthyologists can delve into a watery world without leaving the comfort of home. And David Lang, the co-founder of OpenROV, believes ocean explorers and citizen marine scientists can be invaluable in the next era of underwater discovery.

OpenROV is an open source design which allows people to build simple, cheap robots the size of a shoebox to delve into the deep – and beam back footage of their travels. The robots are helping create a community of enthusiasts who otherwise might never have a chance to explore this mysterious world.

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