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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Storm chaser
    The International Space Station captures a mass of storm clouds over the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil and the Equator. (Copyright: Nasa/Reuters)
  • Rude awakening
    As ash spews from Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano, escape routes have been planned and shelters are at the ready. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Shine a light
    Hundreds of green laser pointers track a military helicopter flying above Tahrir Square during protests opposing Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Keeping cool
    An elephant covers himself in dust during soaring temperatures at Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire, UK. (Copyright: PA Wire)
  • Top flight
    Russian SU-27 and Mig-29 combat aircraft perform for the crowd during the International Maritime Defence Show in St Petersberg. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Orbital cleaner
    Luca Parmitano ventures outside the International Space Station to make the necessary preparations for receiving a new Russian module. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Enter the space race
    Hong Kong revealed its expansion into space tourism by unveiling a scale model of its OCOR Lynx Mark II. Passengers will reach sub-orbital space in 60 minutes. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Going green
    A German WWII bunker has been transformed into a floral hideaway by artist Inge Tranter for the Bunkerlove festival in Hirtshals, Denmark. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Deep blue
    For the first time, astronomers have resolved the true colour of a planet orbiting another star. Silicate rain in HD189733b’s atmosphere gives its azure hue. (Copyright: Nasa)
  • Playing with fire
    Smoke consumes the Las Vegas Strip skyline as it continues to billow from the Carpenter 1 fire on Mount Charleston. (Copyright: AP Photo)
This week's most stunning images in science and technology, including ventures in space, extreme conditions on earth, and what to do if you are a hot elephant.

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