Maker Faire: How the DIY tech force has become strong

From creating custom 3D printing to vegetable synthesisers, the home-made technology movement seems to be catching on all over the world.

DIY technology has traditionally taken place in a bedroom, garage or on a kitchen table. But now a growing trend has emerged of "hack days" or DIY fairs offering enthusiasts advice on how to make their own technology.

Seven years after the Maker Faire movement started in San Francisco, the idea seems to have caught on all over the world. The ethos is less about aptitude and more about attitude – people must show a willingness to join in and give it a try.

BBC Click’s LJ Rich explores just how hard it can be to "do it yourself" by doing it herself at one of the 80 Maker Faires planned worldwide this year. She discovers that looking beyond its DIY aspect you can see the innovation and our behaviour around it, and it looks like we really are capable of shaping our own future.

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