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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Long way home
    Planet Earth (bottom right) is viewed from behind Saturn’s rings by Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft. The probe is now 898 million miles away. (Copyright: Nasa/Reuters)
  • Eye of the storm
    Lightning strikes behind the London Eye in central London. Electrical storms broke out over southern England this week after days of sweltering weather. (Copyright: PA)
  • Bracing dip
    Chincoteague ponies swim across the Assateague Channel in the US state of Virginia during summer rain, during the 88th Annual Chincoteague Pony Swim. (Copyright: AP)
  • Fire watch
    Members of the Filer Fire Department watch a helicopter from the US Bureau of Land Management drop water on a blaze north of Filer, Idaho. (Copyright: AP)
  • Relieving the pressure
    People watch floodwaters from the Yellow River released in China’s central Henan province. Nearly 300 people have died after rainstorms in the south. (Copyright: AFP/Getty Images)
  • Under the waves
    French technicians test new submersible Vortex in La Seyne-sur-Mer, southern France. It is part of a project to create autonomous underwater vehicles. (Copyright: AFP/Getty Images)
  • Polar pop
    A polar bear cools down with an iceblock during a swim in his enclosure at Himeji Zoo in Japan. (Copyright: Getty Images)
  • Fiery display
    Art installation entitled Fire Wall by Arron Sherwood at the launch of Dublin’s Festival of Curiosity science event. (Copyright: PA)
  • Heads up
    An employee of Japanese electronics giant Sony shows a new head-mounted display for endoscopic imagery, which will go on sale next month. (Copyright: AFP/Getty Images)
  • Friendly pair
    Two Indian parrot hatchlings which were caught by a local hunter and offered for sale in the north-eastern state of Nagaland. (Copyright: AFP/Getty Images)
The most impressive pictures from the last seven days, including a lightning strike on the London Eye, a huge wave of water in China and a popsicle-licking polar bear.

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