US entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled his vision for the Hyperloop, transporting people in a tube between cities at supersonic speed. Here we look at some of the other transport concepts pushing the boundaries of what's currently possible.

Elon Musk is a man who thinks big. He has already pioneered space exploration with the Space-X Dragon vehicle, the first space vehicle launched by a private company.

But his latest idea is closer to Earth – how to cut the journey time between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Called Hyperloop, it will transport people between the two cities in aluminium pods contained within a giant tube – at speeds of hundreds of miles an hour. Musk thinks it could be a fifth mode of transport, after planes, trains, cars and boats, and could cut the journey time down to under 30 minutes.

Whether Musk’s vision will come to fruition is difficult to say. But his bold idea is one of many trying to profoundly change transport as we know it, from cars controlled remotely by a robot truck to road-worthy vehicles with folding wings that allow it to fly. Here, BBC Future looks at some of the more revolutionary concepts that may possibly get us from A to B years from now.

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