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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Lunar crossing
    An airliner on its approach to Los Angeles international airport flies in the shadow of the Moon. (Copyright: AP)
  • 21st century upgrade
    Malaysian entrepreneur Mathavan Chandran wants to create digital autopsies, replacing scalpels with a scanner and the slab with a touchscreen computer. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Weigh-in
    A waxy monkey tree frog makes life tricky for handlers at the annual measuring of all the animals at the London Zoo. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Say cheep
    The Bird Photo Booth, made by Bryson Lovett, allows wildlife enthusiasts to watch, photograph and even talk to their feathered friends. (Copyright: Bryson Lovett/Rex Features)
  • Night flight
    The nuptial flight of mayflies in Heihe, Heilongjiang province takes place during spring and summer evenings every year, as the insect mates and reproduces. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • Double act
    Amateur astronomer Maciej Winiayczyk captured the rare event of noctilucent clouds and the northern lights at the same time in the north of Scotland. (Copyright: Maciej Winiayczyk)
  • Top billing
    The British Ecological Society’s photography competition winners were announced. The overall winner was of black-browed albatrosses on the Falkland Islands. (Copyright: Zoe Davies)
  • Tech ops
    Professor Karl Oldhafer at the Asklepios Hospital Hamburg-Barmbek removes two tumours from a liver with the help of an iPad and augmented reality. (Copyright: Reuters)
  • I’ll race you
    A North American Harvard, or Texan, swoops past a more natural flying companion at the Air and Water Show in Chicago. (Copyright: Rex/Zuma)
The most impressive pictures from the last seven days, including augmented reality in the hospital and rare sights in the skies.

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