Anti-theft Sim cards for motorbikes

Entrepreneurs in Vietnam are finding ways to update the popular mode of transport, including an implantable device that calls owners if their vehicle is stolen.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, and it has a technology sector that is growing at a quick pace. But the people’s choice for transport is an old technology – dirty, noisy and fuel costs are rising. As Vietnam’s international trade expands, some think it’s time the bike cleaned up its act.

BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at efforts to attract tech-savvy consumers – including e-bikes and luxury bikes with accessories like iPod docks. One start-up is even creating a device that can be fitted in bikes and is invisible to thieves. Once installed, the user can activate anything via a mobile phone app, and the device can call owners if the bike is stolen. The owner can then use the app to locate the bike with the in-built Sim card.

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