Facebook’s newsfeed: An online paper, just for you

Now the social media giant wants to serve you a daily dose of news, sports and politics that you'll find interesting - alongside the gossip and party pics from your social circle.

Many of us keep abreast of our friends lives – and what’s going in the wider world – via Facebook’s newsfeed. But engineer Lars Backstrom says this constantly updated personalised information source has only just got started.

The site’s newsfeed links us to our friends, their photos, gossip and shared posts, as well as the feeds of professional news organisations and their stream of updates.  But who is in control and how does our behaviour influence what we see on the social network? 

BBC Future visited Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters in California and spoke to Backstrom, where he outlined what the company’s aim is - a personalised online newspaper full of the updates we really want to read.

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