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2013: The year in transport

  • In the loop
    Inventor Elon Musk unveiled his idea for long-distance travel – a magnetic ‘Hyperloop’ tube system that could propel passengers in a vacuum tube at nearly 600mph (960kph) (Tesla)
  • Solar soarer
    The Solar Impulse aircraft glides over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in preparation for the first successful US cross-country solar-powered flight. (AP/Solar Impulse)
  • Aerial ballet
    Two Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighters perform aerobatics at an air show. A variant of the type was publicly unveiled this year as China’s first carrier-based fighter. (AP)
  • Sub club
    The Russian Navy launched a new missile submarine – the Novorossiysk – at a lavish ceremony at the Admiralteiiskiye Shipyard in St Petersburg in November. (Reuters)
  • Futuristic flier
    In July, plans for the Skylon spaceplane were unveiled – equipped with a new rocket engine flying five times the speed of sound to send astronauts into orbit. (PA)
  • Sunny cruiser
    The Turanor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered vessel in the world, spent five months gathering ocean current data in the Gulf Stream. (Getty Images)
  • A drone to your home
    E-commerce giant Amazon announced it was trialling delivery drones, which could ferry parcels from depots direct to people’s homes. (AP)
  • Floating giant
    Oil rig support facility Shell Prelude became the biggest vessel in the world. At 488m (1,600ft) in length, it is longer than the Empire State Building. (Shell/AP)
  • Nautical manoeuvre
    An X-47B drone took off from the deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush off the Coast of Virginia in July. It made the first drone carrier landing. (AP)
  • Train to Spain
    The first TGV train to connect France and Spain ran in December; the service will connect French cities Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse with Barcelona. (AFP/Getty Images)
The biggest, boldest, most ambitious vehicles and concepts we saw this year - from skyscraper-sized vessels to the Hyperloop.

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