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Amazing visions of the future in 2013

  • Bot to trot
    An operator with the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), a robot designed to accompany soldier and Marines on foot, at a demonstration in Florida in December. (Reuters)
  • Fries with that?
    Professor Mark Post with the world’s first lab-grown beef burger, made from around 20,000 strands of protein cultured from cattle stem cells. It cost £250,000 to make. (Reuters)
  • Watch what you wear
    Japan’s Semiconductor Energy Laboratory unveiled its flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display, using a bendable lithium ion battery for the wearable display. (Getty)
  • Heavy metal music
    Robot guitarist Mach and robot drummer Ashura (L), from rock band Z-Machines, performed music during the Maker Faire event in Tokyo. (Getty Images)
  • The Loon's a balloon
    Google unveiled its Project Loon, releasing high-altitude balloons intended to provide internet access in remote areas of the planet. (Google/Getty Images)
  • A touch of glass
    NTT DoCoMo unveiled its head-mounted "intelligent glass", allowing augmented reality with added tactile feedback, and can show translations in a user's first language. (Reuters)
  • Remote control
    Drones were rarely out of the news this year, unveiled as delivery vehicles and childminders of the future as well as taking on more military work. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Mini me
    BBC presenter Evan Davis went eye-to-eye with a 3D-printed version of himself at London's Science Museum’s exhibition "3D: Printing the Future". (Getty Images)
  • Brain stain
    Scientists developed a method that makes tissues like the brain transparent, so they can be examined without cutting into slices. (Kwanghun Chung/Karl Deisseroth)
  • Blow-up lab
    Nasa awarded a contract to Bigelow Aerospace to build an inflatable laboratory, which could be destined for the International Space Station in 2015. (Bigelow Aerospace)
Some of the most impressive glimpses of what the future may hold unveiled in 2013, from a lab-grown burger to a balloon that can bring wi-fi to the world’s remotest spots.

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