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Ten weird and wonderful images of our world in 2013

  • Frozen fire
    A truck was covered in ice after Chicago firefighters had to tackle a massive blaze at a warehouse during freezing January weather. (Getty Images)
  • Hand grafted
    Chinese doctors kept Xie Wei’s severed hand alive by grafting it to his ankle, before managing to replant the hand back on his arm. (Getty Images)
  • Green tide
    Beaches in China’s northeast Sandong province were covered in carpets of thick green seaweed after a massive growth of algae in the Yellow Sea. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Plume with a view
    Astronaut Chris Hadfield took this shot of a trail of smoke drifting from Sicily’s Mt Etna volcano from the International Space Station (ISS) in April. (Nasa/AFP)
  • Muddy warblers
    Backpacker Daniel Trim captured these mudskippers mid-song in Krabi, southern Thailand. (Daniel Trim/Rex Features)
  • Pedal power
    Czech engineers tested an electric bike prototype which can hover in the air. The design was tested indoors with a dummy in a Prague warehouse. (CTK/AP)
  • Reel small
    Stop-motion animation A Boy and His Atom – starring a cast of a few thousands atoms moved with the help of magnets – became the world’s smallest film. (IBM)
  • Water features
    Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s smiling face is pictured upside down, refracted in a floating ball of water on board the ISS. (Nasa)
  • Bits and bites
    A cook in a robot-themed restaurant in Harbin, northeast China, where 20 robots perform chores, from ushering guests to waiting tables and cooking dishes. (Getty Images)
  • We fish you a Merry Christmas
    An aquarium staff member dressed as Santa Claus hugs a zebra shark at the Sunshine International Aquarium in Tokyo. (AP)
Some of the most bizarre and beautiful pictures captured in 2013, from a flying electric bike to some decidedly operatic mudskippers.

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