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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Thunderbirds are go!
    The US Air Force has released its best pictures of 2013, including this photo of one of the Thunderbirds’ display team’s Lockheed F-16s flying in close formation. (USAF/Rex)
  • Arctic landscape
    Sundogs caught on Highway 83 near Bismarck, North Dakota; rings of light around the Sun caused by light refracted through ice crystals. (Brian Peterson, The Star Tribune/AP)
  • Rolling thunder
    The Indonesian volcano Mt Sinabung mount spews ash and lava during an eruption above the town of Karo, North Sumatra. Some 20,000 people have had to be moved. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Twin tragedy
    Two conjoined gray whale calves found dead on a beach in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon on Mexico’s Baja peninsula. They were joined at the waist, with separate heads and tailfins. (AP)
  • Freezy rider
    A horse-drawn carriage travels across the frozen Songhua River in the northern Chinese city of Harbin. (Reuters)
  • Sweet sensation
    A piece of 3D-printed candy unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. The ChefJet Pro 3D food printer prints single-flavour sweets and sells for $10,000. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Sweeping with the fishes
    A mischievous lobster steals a brush used for cleaning tanks at the Sea Life Aquarium in London, during the aquarium's annual clean. (Sea Life Aquarium/PA)
  • Brothers and transistors
    The Murata Girl and Boy robots are shown at the company’s booth at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. More than 3,200 exhibitors have taken part in this year’s show. (Getty Images)
  • Raining grains
    An Indian worker throws grains of rice to get rid of dust. Last year, India produced more than 104m tonnes of rice in the crop year, more than enough to feed itself. (Reuters)
  • Streak show
    A shooting star is captured during the annual Quadrantid meteor shower in Qingdao in China's Shandong province. (Reuters)
The most stunning images from the world of science and technology this week, including a gem from the US Air Force’s 2013 best-ofs and a lobster joining in some spring cleaning.

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