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Best space images of the month

  • Float simulator
    Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev is pictured in a pre-flight underwater training session in a pool at the Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Centre in Star City. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • On the edge of history
    China’s Long March 3B rocket – carrying the Chang’e lunar probe and the Yutu (Jade Rabbit) rover – seen hours before its historic launch. (Reuters)
  • Mission accomplished
    China’s Moon rover, Yutu ( Jade Rabbit), took a picture of itself after being deployed successfully from the Chang’e 3 lunar lander. (Reuters)
  • Hole lotta love
    Two black holes begin merging into one, in this image created by Nasa; it believes two black holes are currently merging some 3.8 billion light years from Earth. (Nasa/AFP)
  • Material world
    The flow of debris in and out of a crater on the giant asteroid Vesta is shown in a composite image from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (Nasa/JPL-Caltech/UCLAMPS/DLR/IDA)
  • On top of the world
    Astronaut Mike Hopkins is pictured while carrying out the second of his two spacewalks – with photographer and fellow astronaut Rick Mastracchio seen in his visor. (Nasa/Reuters)
  • Off the wall
    RoboSimian, from the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory, tackles a wall-climbing challenge at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, as part of a multinational robotics competition. (AP)
  • Final journey
    The American Geophysical Union ruled in December that the comet ISON – which passed close to Earth – broke up in November after coming too close to the Sun. (Nasa/AP)
  • Suspended in dust
    RS Puppis, a Cepheid variable star, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. The star’s brightness varies, and it sits surrounded in a massive dust cloud. (ESA/Nasa/Hubble)
  • Star power
    The remains of the Crab Nebula – once a supernova – are pictured in this composite image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and Herschel Space Observatory. (ESA, Nasa/Reuters)

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