The man who wants to tackle the impossible

Helping a paralysed former street artist draw again inspired entrepreneur Mick Ebeling to tackle seemingly unsolvable problems.

Mick Ebeling says he wants to attempt the impossible.

Ebeling’s organisation, the Not Impossible Foundation, was set up to tackle seemingly intractable problems, via technology. His team is building everything from smart canes for the blind to 3D printed prosthetics for the victims of war.

Ebeling, a former film and TV producer, says it all began when he befriended a street artist named Tempt One, who had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive disease which left him unable to draw or speak.

This encounter led to the development of the EyeWriter – a low-cost eye-tracking device that allows people with the nerve disease to draw using only their eyes.

Mick Ebeling spoke to BBC Future about the story and his philosophy at The Atlantic Meets The Pacific conference.

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