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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Roar power
    A visitor looks at a display during a media preview of the "Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction" exhibition in Singapore. It features more than 400 fossils and models. (Getty Images)
  • Streaking ahead
    The Atlas 5 rocket built by United Launch Alliance zooms across the sky after lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying a Boeing-built satellite. (Reuters)
  • Famous frames
    Iconic shots from Nasa – like this of Edward White carrying out the US's first spacewalk in Earth orbit in June 1965 – are on show at London’s Breese Little gallery. (Nasa)
  • Thriller whale
    An orca whale breaches while swimming in Puget Sound near Bainbridge Island, Washington. (AP)
  • Flying colours
    An airliner flies behind a rainbow over the Italian capital Rome. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Spout of this world
    An artist’s image from IMCCE (Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides) shows water plumes spewing from dwarf planet Ceres. (IMCCE, Paris Observatory, CNRS/AP)
  • Pretty 'n' pink
    Flamingos stand in the flamingo pool of the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, which has been breeding the birds since 1972. (AP)
  • Shining paths
    A map of the world shows major road networks (green), shipping lanes (blue) and airline flight paths (white) over satellite images of cities lit at night (yellow). (Globaia/SPL)
  • A wreck revealed
    A ruined car is revealed on the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose, California January 21, 2014, as the state suffers severe drought conditions. (Reuters)
Some of the most impressive pictures from the worlds of science and technology this week, including a leaping whale and a menacing dinosaur skeleton.

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