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Best space images of the month

  • Moon shot
    A partial solar eclipse, as captured by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). (Nasa/SDO/Reuters)
  • Close encounter
    The European Space agency’s spaceship Rosetta stirred back into action. It’s mission: to place the lander Philae on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko later this year. (ESA/PA)
  • Off the launchpad
    An Antares rocket launches from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket was carrying supplies for the International Space Station (ISS). (Nasa/AP)
  • Inner space
    Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov in an underwater pool training session at the Gagarin Cosmonauts' Training Centre in Star City, outside Moscow. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Orion's fire
    Dazzling light from the Orion Nebula, captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope. The nebula is an enormous ‘star nursery’ some 1,500 light years away. (Nasa/JPL-Caltech/AFP)
  • Water world
    Dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is depicted gushing water vapour from its frozen surface in this artist’s image. (Nasa/ESA/Reuters)
  • Cloudy vista
    This photo from the ISS shows bands of clouds over the deserts of Mauritania in north-west Africa. (Nasa/AFP)
  • Lonely tracks
    A trail left by Nasa’s Opportunity rover on Mars, after the robot was stuck in a sand ripple known as Purgatory for over a month. (Nasa/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University/AP)
  • The light stuff
    KOI-314c, the lightest planet to have both size and mass measured. This gaseous ‘Super Earth’ is 60% larger than our planet. (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics/AFP)
  • Australia's Ashes
    This image of Grampians National Park in Victoria by Landsat 8 satellite shows the remains of a forest after wildfires, with fires on the right still smoking. (Nasa/Reuters)

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