How Google Glass could transform doctor's visits

Google Glass may be coming to your surgery soon. Could wearable tech help medical professionals give patients more attention and ultimately better medical care?

Imagine you’re at your doctor’s surgery. Your doctor listens to your concerns about an ache or complaint, then summons up your last five blood pressure results, makes notes and, checks whether a prescription might aggravate your allergy. All within the blink of an eye, and while looking you in the eye.

Ian Shakil’s company Augmedix, based in California, is piloting an application for Google Glass that could just do that. With the Augmendix app in Google’s heads-up display, a doctor could videotape a conversation with a patient and have the information automatically transferred to their medical records, or refer to past consultations.

It’s one way in which wearable tech could help improve the doctor-patient experience. Future applications could involve therapy sessions and remote consultations by streaming real-time video to physicians unable to be with the patient – or even helping a doctor in another country diagnose a difficult case.

Ian Shakil spoke to BBC Future at The Atlantic Meets The Pacific conference.

Additional footage courtesy: Shutterstock and BBC News archive

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