Flying car: Can daily commute go from street to skies?

The idea of a flying car has been stuck on the drawing board for decades. But one company's three-wheel design could turn this fantasy into reality.

Imagine being able to avoid traffic jams on the way to work simply by flicking a switch – and flying high above the stationary traffic. Many intrepid inventors have tried to bring the idea to life. So far, none have been successful.

But one Dutch company is moving closer to turning this into reality. The half-car, half-plane hybrid – or Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) is built to travel as easily in the air as on the road. In development since 2008, PAL-V is a three-wheeled vehicle somewhere between a motorcycle and a gyrocopter - and only takes minutes to transform.

As company CEO Robert Dingemanse explains, the design is being aimed initially at emergency services. But its inventors say many more professions could benefit from the new mode of transport if the idea takes off.

Robert Dingemanse spoke to BBC Future at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Additional video courtesy PAL-V 

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