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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Awesome aurora 1
    The Northern Lights, seen on a charity flight allowing disabled passengers to view the atmospheric spectacle. (British Airways/PA)
  • Awesome aurora 2
    A Nasa rocket is launched into an aurora over the Alaskan village of Venetie. The rocket’s mission was to investigate “curls” – patterns showing magnetic activity. (Nasa/Reuters)
  • Charlotte's web
    British singer Charlotte Church performs her new EP 'Four', featuring a sci-fi live show with futuristic costumes controlled by audience members. (Getty Images)
  • Port in a storm
    A huge wave crashed over a breakwater in the port of Cudillero, on the northern Spanish coast. (Reuters)
  • Dining in the depths
    A large prawn feeds on bait held by a remote-operated vehicle in the New Hebrides Trench in the South Pacific, the first time life has been filmed at such depths. (PA)
  • Aussie squall
    A wave of storm clouds looms over Sydney’s Manly beach before being blown out to sea. (Reuters)
  • Baby steps
    Nine-month-old Leo takes part in an experiment at the Birkbeck Babylab in London; youngsters are tested with simple games to judge physical and mental development. (Getty Images)
  • Moor power
    Scout Moor Wind Farm, near Rochdale in northern England, is seen through early morning mist. (PA)
  • Frozen falls
    A partially frozen Niagara Falls is seen from the American side after the recent winter cold snap. (Reuters)
The most stunning images from the worlds of science and technology this week, including a frozen Niagara Falls and a rocket launched into an aurora.

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Leopard escape and London time travel

Bridging two worlds

George Davison Reid’s 1930 view of Tower Bridge is merged with a modern scene as part of an exhibit at the Museum of London. (GD Reid/Museum of London)

Iced-up airliners and a violent Sun

Melting moment

An airport worker sprays de-icing liquid onto a Boeing 737m, as China shivers during snowy winter weather. (Reuters)

Dancing F-16s and a view of the Universe

Aerial dance

Two F-16s of the Singaporean Air Force display team the Black Knights, captured during a performance at the Singapore Airshow. (AP)

A rocket’s slow crawl and a spectacular volcano

Slow crawl to the stars

A Russian Soyuz-U booster carrying an unmanned cargo spacecraft Progress M-22M heads to the launchpad at Baikonur, Kazakhstan. (AFP/Getty Images)

A lion's check up and a brain sculpture

Feline canines

A Kenya Wildlife Service team take measurements of a male lion’s teeth while they prepare to fit the animal with a GPS tracking collar in Nairobi National Park. (AP)

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