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Best space images of the month

  • Space selfie
    US astronaut Rick Mastracchio photographs himself during a repair mission outside the International Space Station. (Getty Images)
  • Smoke signal
    A contrail from India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C24), carrying the second navigation satellite of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System IRNSS-1B. (Reuters)
  • Moon shot, part 1
    A total lunar eclipse was seen throughout North and South America – the first in a series of four eclipses to take place between now and 2015. (Getty Images)
  • Moon shot, part 2
    A multi-exposure picture of the total lunar eclipse seen from Mexico City. (Getty Images)
  • Red alert
    Tropical Cyclone Ita seen just off-shore near Cape Flattery, Queensland, Australia in this image taken by the Suomi NPP satellite. (Reuters/NOAA/Nasa)
  • Earth watch
    Artist’s impression of the Sentinel-1A, the first in the Copernicus satellite family, which will be used to monitor Earth’s environment, from oil spills to mapping sea ice. (ESA)
  • Cluster effect
    Messier 5, a globular cluster of hundreds of thousands of stars bound together by their gravity. At 13 billion years old, it dates to close to the beginning of the Universe (Nasa)
  • For sale
    An original instrument panel from the Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat former Soviet space capsule and a Sokol KV2 spacesuit on display before the auction of the capsule (Getty Images)
  • Cheers!
    A brandy bottle that was in space with the MIR-26 space mission is displayed at an exhibition at a Moldovan wine and brandy distillery based in Tiraspol (Getty Images)