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The best science and technology pictures of the week

  • Storm warning
    Brooding clouds roll in near West Point, Nebraska. Mid-West states saw a swathe of storms over the week. (Chris Machian, The World-Herald/AP)
  • Soar power
    Solar Impulse 2 takes off from Payerne in Switzerland. The aircraft will attempt to fly around the world next year using only power from solar cells. (Reuters)
  • Electrical embrace
    A woman uses a Hug (Haptic User Geraet) at a trade fair in Munich, Germany. The device is used for training astronauts and for physical rehabilitation. (Reuters)
  • Plastic tide
    A worker forces his way through a pile of bottles at a recycling plant in Mumbai, India. World Environment Day was marked this week, promoting environmental protection. (Reuters)
  • Super Earth
    Astronomers have discovered a "mega-Earth" called Kepler-10c – around twice the size and with nearly 20 times as much mass as our own planet. (Center for Astrophysics/Reuters)
  • Peak boil
    Water is boiled using solar power in Khumjung, about 3.7km (2.5 miles) above sea level in the Himalayas in Nepal. (Reuters)
  • Bucket twist
    A man washes his body in a bucket full of sulphur-rich water at a spa in Hulu Langat, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The water is thought to treat skin diseases. (AFP/Getty Images)
  • Prehistoric find
    An artist’s impression of a pterosaur egg. The first example of an egg laid by the dinosaur – which grew to the size of a small aircraft – has been found in China. (PA)
  • Weighty business
    A Gentoo Penguin chick is weighed at the Sea Life London Aquarium. The chick was the first of the species to be born in the aquarium. (Getty Images)
The most impressive pictures from the worlds of science and technology this week, including a robotic suit and a stormy warning.

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Roaring rockets and an Earth selfie

Roaring into space

Japan's H-IIA rocket lifts off from a space centre on the island of Tanegashima to deploy a new mapping satellite for surveying natural disaster damage. (AFP/Getty Images)

Chinese lightning and rocking robots

The bright stuff

Lightning arcs across the sky during a storm in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in China. (Reuters)

Fire bombing and huggy bears

Huggy bears

Two brown bears embrace inside an enclosure at a bear park in Zarnesti, central Romania. The bears are some of many rescued from roadside stalls or restaurants. (Reuters)

Blazing skies and moody twisters

Blazing sky

Clouds lit up by the setting sun at Mollymook Beach on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. (Reuters)

Amazing air displays and breathtaking nature



Plane trails and tadpole stars

Sky lines

Contrails from jets flying overhead form a backdrop behind the National Museum of Art in Washington DC. (AP)

Volcanic plumes and home-made tanks

Tropical thunder

Ash rises into the sky from Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano near Banos, south of the capital Quito. The volcano has been classified as active since 1999. (Reuters)

Foggy landings and robot tackles

Foggy flyer

A plane comes in to land at Heathrow Airport, west London, during heavy fog caused by pollution and dust blown up from the Sahara Desert. (PA)

Space suit test and peeking penguins


Gentoo penguins at the start of their breeding seasons at the Sea Life London Aquarium. (PA Wire)

Ocean secrets and the dawn of the Universe

Blue diamond

Four F/A-18s of the US Navy Blue Angels display team perform a close-formation aerobatics stunt during an air show in El Centro, California. (Imperial Valley Press/AP)

Sexy robots and an eerie whale

Sex machines

Two robots perform a cheeky pole dance on the eve of the CeBIT Technology Trade Fair in Hanover, Germany. (AFP/Getty Images)

Aurora mission and frozen falls

Awesome aurora 2

A Nasa rocket is launched into an aurora over the Alaskan village of Venetie. The rocket’s mission was to investigate “curls” – patterns showing magnetic activity. (Nasa/Reuters)

Leopard escape and London time travel

Bridging two worlds

George Davison Reid’s 1930 view of Tower Bridge is merged with a modern scene as part of an exhibit at the Museum of London. (GD Reid/Museum of London)

Iced-up airliners and a violent Sun

Melting moment

An airport worker sprays de-icing liquid onto a Boeing 737m, as China shivers during snowy winter weather. (Reuters)

Dancing F-16s and a view of the Universe

Aerial dance

Two F-16s of the Singaporean Air Force display team the Black Knights, captured during a performance at the Singapore Airshow. (AP)

A rocket’s slow crawl and a spectacular volcano

Slow crawl to the stars

A Russian Soyuz-U booster carrying an unmanned cargo spacecraft Progress M-22M heads to the launchpad at Baikonur, Kazakhstan. (AFP/Getty Images)

A lion's check up and a brain sculpture

Feline canines

A Kenya Wildlife Service team take measurements of a male lion’s teeth while they prepare to fit the animal with a GPS tracking collar in Nairobi National Park. (AP)

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