The killer noise threatening ocean life

The oceans are full of noise – both natural and man-made. In this video, researcher Michel Andre explains how he is trying to make sense of how our sounds have such far-reaching effects on the whales sharing our seas.

Before humanity began to explore the ocean in earnest, it was thought the world beneath the waves was a silent one. That couldn’t be more wrong.

Sound travels five times as fast underwater as it does in air. Along with the natural sounds – the calls of whales and dolphins, schools of fish, the myriad of life lurking on the bottom – humanity has added to the cacophony.

Michel Andre of the Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech (UPC) says the noise of ships can be more than annoying to whales – it can be deadly. The French bio-acoustician says the amount of noise can desensitise the whales over time, making them more likely to swim into the path of a ship – with possibly fatal results.

Andre has been trying to understand how sound travels in the water, and what can be done to prevent such deaths.

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