Why do people shout on their phone? What’s with ‘phantom’ traffic jams? And can you be a ‘secret ginger’?

Science sleuths Adam Rutherford and Hannah Fry have been casting their magnifying glasses over these mysteries and more for BBC Radio 4, based on questions from listeners and the BBC Future audience.

Hear their curious cases in the episodes below:

Listen: The Scarlet Mark

How can non-ginger parents give birth to redheads?

+ Watch our animated explainer about the curiosities of red hair genetics: 

Listen: The Phantom Jam

What makes traffic jam, and is there a solution?

Listen: The Aural Voyeur

Why do people shout on their mobile phone?

Listen: The Squeamish Swoon

Why do people faint, and does it serve any useful purpose?

Listen: The Stellar Dustbin

Can we send our waste into the sun?

Podcast: Download all episodes.

If you have any scientific cases you would like the team to investigate please email: curiouscases@bbc.co.uk

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