The mystery noise driving the world mad

Since the 1970s, many people in cities across the globe have started hearing a strange hum. Watch the video above to join Linda Geddes in her hunt for an explanation.

“It‘s 11 o’clock in the morning, and I’m suddenly aware of this buzzing, pulsating noise, a bit like a distant drill or angle grinder. But it’s not just a noise. It feels like my inner ear is vibrating.”

This was journalist Linda Geddes’s first experience of the Hum – a mysterious sound that has been plaguing residents of the English city of Bristol for decades. Similar reports of inexplicable, low-frequency sounds can be found in everywhere from Kokomo in Indiana to Vancouver in Canada. It disrupts sleep and destroys concentration; some find the phenomenon so annoying that they feel that it is driving them slowly insane.

Is it the secret sound of military signals? The buzz of power lines? Or the distant call of ocean waves? As Geddes finds in the video above, the Hum may hold a very personal meaning.


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