How many female scientists can you name?

Some people apparently struggle to recall the name of one – we decided to fix that by asking a selection of leading researchers and communicators to nominate the female scientist they most admire.

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates the achievements of women in science and technology. Lovelace was a pioneer in computing more than a century ago.

Unfortunately, awareness of women’s contributions in science and tech still needs work. A European-wide survey in 2014 found that a quarter of people can’t name a single famous female scientist, according to the Independent on Sunday.

So, in the video above, we asked scientists to nominate their own female science hero.

You’ll be introduced to 19 people in total. Who is your number 20? Get involved on Twitter where we’re marking #AdaLovelaceDay. Add to our thread of contributions where you can tell us about your own favourite female scientist that you would like to celebrate.

You can also read our new article on the female code-breakers that were left out of the history books.

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